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Build Your Online Coaching & Training Program in less than 30 Days With Little to No Technical Skills.
The Online Trainer Secrets is the most extensive coaching package designed to help you reach your online audience.  

Get the step by step template to discover your niche, identify and target know your audience, package your knowledge and market your knowledge using social media techniques.

Your wealth is in your words, your content and your branding.  Let me show you how to build your client list and build your message around your knowledge, product or service and build your online brand using social media.

Build your brand with a purpose!  Share knowledge to support the growth of others.  Draw your audience with your knowledge.

No more liking everyone else's content while thinking, I have something to offer too!

If you're thinking... 

- I'm not a techie.   

- I don't know where to start.   

- I have ideas but I don't know how to package them.

- I don't think my knowledge is valuable.   

- I don't have time to create a create the materials for my program. 

- I need a consultant to create my course materials for me.

- I've launched before and I'm afraid of failing. 

Then you are in the right place today!  
Your knowledge is valuable.  
People are on YouTube looking for knowledge daily.
People are following your posts and content for a reason.

There is value in your knowledge!  Build your brand with a purpose!
Build your coaching and training program in 30 days with little to no technical skills.

I've helped Coaches and Influencers launch programs in...

Relationship Coaching

Keto Weight Loss

Life Style Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Transformation Coaching

Financial Training for High School Students

Diversity Training

Transition Coaching

Technology Training

Career Coaching

Starting Out In the Music Business


 Add an additional stream of income to your coaching business.
 The world is waiting on you to launch.
 Someone is depending on you for their breakthrough.
 Someone needs your knowledge.

Yes, you are just that important!

Are you still thinking that you are not qualified to launch your online coaching program, your online training program, create your blog, build your brand, start your YouTube channel, or start your vlog?

Don't let FEAR stop you!

You have been "liking" other influencers.  You have been "following" their posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Periscope.  You admire them and their content from afar but deep inside you're thinking, "I know I can do that too"!   

If you are ready to build your online brand, package your knowledge, get live weekly coaching, get access to a framework that works, build your online content, launch your coaching and training program, and generate additional income for your family, then click the link below and grab the free 30 Day Launch Plan!

This plan is my gift to you because like you I'm a dreamer too.  I influence others with my gifts and talents.  I motivate my followers daily to help them achieve their goals.  I'm here to help you too.  I want to help you help others.

Who have you been called to?

What have you been called to do?

What message do you want to share?

How do you want to reach your audience?

What toolkit do you need to set up your program?
Learn with me, Your Virtual Launch Coach!  Create your plan of action today.  
Learn how I generated $9,582 in less than 45 days.  

Get step by step coaching!

Build your online speaking, training and coaching confidence!

Build your online brand!

Learn new tools to grow your following!

Get monthly training in the private Facebook group!

Get feedback to improve your speaking and coaching skills!

Get the scripts, e-mail templates, webinar slides, and the examples!

I'm here to help you succeed!  Submit your application below.  I can't wait to discuss your goals and dreams with you!

It's your season!  It's your time!  

~ Professor Freya, Your Online Launch Coach

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Learn How I Generated $9,582 in Less Than 45 Days!

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